Up to 751 experts have taken part in the Survey

Up to 751 experts from the academic world and think tanks as well as actors from the institutional, political and civil society, from the 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region have responded to the Euromed 2019 Survey. The survey, prepared by the IEMed annually since 2009, takes stock of the milestones and shortcomings of the Euro-Mediterranean policy. 

Under the title “Civil society and social movements in the Euro-Mediterranean region”, the 10th edition of the survey focused this year on civil society. The survey had 21 questions divided into three main sections that cover various aspects related to civil society and social movements.

Experts, both from the academic world, think tanks and the media, represent 51% of the respondents, while 32% correspond to representatives of civil society (especially NGOs) and 17% to representatives of governmental institutions, EU institutions and other International organisations.

The survey was open to participation until 19th July 2019.

The descriptive report of the results and qualitative analyses will be released soon.