Preliminary results

These are some of the preliminary findings of the 10th edition of the Euromed Survey on civil society and social movements in the Euro-Mediterranean region based on the answers from 81 participants related to the EuroMeSCo network of think tanks on politics and security in the Mediterranean.

Taking the pulse of civil society

  • A very large majority of respondents consider that civil society is playing an important role in their societies and that it is as an important pillar of democracy.
  • According to respondents, the most important mission of civil society should be monitoring policies and being a watchdog of citizen’s rights. They also consider that public mobilisation is the better way to achieve the objectives pursued by civil society.

Engaging with civil society

  • The domestic context in SEM countries is perceived as unfavourable for civil society. Political pressure on civil society activists is considered as the main problem.
  • SEM respondents consider that the support of civil society by foreign actors/donors can be counterproductive in their respective countries in bigger proportions than EU respondents.
  • Respondents are prone to consider that the EU plays a positive role on civil society in the Mediterranean. SEM respondents consider it in higher percentages.