The IEMed launches the Euromed Survey 2019

Today sees the launch of the IEMed Euro-Mediterranean Survey aimed at over 6,000 experts from the academic field and think tanks as well as actors from both the political and institutional fields – representatives of governments, European institutions and international organisations – and civil society – NGOs, enterprises, media.

Under the title “Civil society and social movements in the Euro-Mediterranean region”, the 10th edition of a survey that seeks yearly to assess the current situation of Euro-Mediterranean relations is focusing this year on civil society.

The survey has 21 questions divided into three main sections that cover various aspects related to civil society and social movements.

  1. The importance, focus and objectives of civil society and social movements.
  2. The context in which civil society organisations and social movements operate as well as the role of domestic and foreign actors in this regard.
  3. The connections between civil societies on both sides of the Mediterranean and the potential for civil society to drive Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and integration and possibly provide answers to growing divisions and conflicts.

Open to participation

Apart from the experts and actors of Euro-Mediterranean relations invited to respond to the survey, the IEMed encourages participation by all those with expertise in the issue, whether because their background or position.

Just send an e-mail to stating:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Organisation
  • Position
  • Country

Once we have received your e-mail we will get in contact with you and provide you a password required to participate.

And once the questionnaire is completed, you will be invited to choose one publication that the IEMed will be pleased to send you by post. In addition, you will receive a paper copy of the publication featuring the Survey results

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