10th edition: Civil society and social movements in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Assessing perceptions on progress, achievements and shortcomings of Euro-Mediterranean relations and policies
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The Survey

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) has carried out nine EuroMed Surveys of actors and experts, which is a project in line with our role as a public diplomacy and research institution dedicated to Euro-Mediterranean relations, proposing and disseminating policy options on contributing to the building of a Mediterranean area of peace and stability, of shared prosperity and dialogue between cultures.

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To assess perceptions on progress, achievements and shortcomings of Euro-Mediterranean relations. To create and develop an instrument for analysis and mobilisation of actors, experts and policy-makers around concrete Euro-Mediterranean issues. To identify the major Mediterranean trends with a forward-looking approach, and thereby contribute to the elaboration of Euro-Mediterranean policies.

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The Survey focuses on perceptions of experts who are directly involved in the Euro-Mediterranean relations. The representative sample comes out of a universe of 6100 experts, actors and policy-makers from the 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries (members of the Union for the Mediterranean). Researchers, journalists, government officials, NGO activists, business people, officials from EU and international organisations. It is gender and geographical balanced.

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Results and past editions

Results are made available through a specific survey report. It comprises a description of the results and annexes that set out the results in a comprehensive and visual manner. In addition to it, the report also includes in-depth analyses written by experts and policy-makers to offer keys to better understand some of the main issues at stake.

The Survey team


Acting Director General (IEMed)


Head of Euro-Mediterranean Policies (IEMed)

xavier aragall

Euro-Mediterranean Policies Technical Advisor (IEMed)


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